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Maths is an important subject of study. Maths makes mental alertness and helps in enhancement of reasoning power in an individual. For some children, maths might be the hardest subject, and for a few, it might be simple. Consideration ought to be paid to the clear concepts in mathematics in a kid from the very beginning. That is the reason, Brainiac Math and English Center offers unique after-school enrichment program for your child.

Our Maths and English enrichment programs improve confidence and focuses on individualized learning. We need our students to have the capacity to pick up the confidence to work independently, even in subjects they may find difficult.

From counting and arithmetic, to algebra and geometry, Brainiac’s elementary Math program is customized to suit the age and capability of all enrolled students. Ranging from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade, the Brainiac curriculum reinforces all math subtopics.

Mathematics equips children with a particular powerful set of tools to comprehend and change the world. These tools incorporate problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, and the ability to think in abstract ways. Learning mathematics can stimulate moments of happiness and wonder when a child solves mathematical problem for the first time, finds a more effective solution to a problem or suddenly sees hidden associations.

For the younger ones, Math Tutor Old Bridge NJ starts out at elementary skills like counting and number recognition. For our more advanced high school students, we work our way through geometry, algebra and even precalculus. We are encompassed by shapes. We cover: angles, intersecting lines, triangles, area, volume, quadrilaterals and analytic geometry and so on.

Through the elementary levels, students get an assortment of different topics such as pre-algebra and algebra, geometry and trigonometry. We don’t give same worksheets to different students. Our workbooks are custom made for each and every student. We take an hour-long assessment (per subject) after you sign up with Brainiac that will guide us to know the different Brainiac levels of material to be used in their individualized workbooks.

In view of the child’s current grade level and the assessment provided by the parents about their child’s strengths and weaknesses, we give an assessment that is designed to test material that’s up to 2 grades above and below their current grade level. The results of this assessment give us the first progress report, which we can then utilize to baseline them in different skills at the corresponding levels.

About the Company:
Brainiac Math & English Center is a renowned learning center that has been running after-school enrichment programs for many years. Each student receives workbooks that have questions tailored specifically for him or her. Our teaching method caters to every student’s individual success.

Contact details:
Address: Brainiac Math and English Center
244 Texas Rd
Old Bridge
New Jersey
Phone Number: 732-333-8004