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Chettinad, lies in the Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu, with Karaikudi as its capital region, its contribution to the Indian scene being through its famed Chettinad style of cooking and the unique Chettinad sarees.
The distinguishing features of the Chettinad saree are its seemingly heavy look and the striking colours that are achieved through a deft combination of stripes, checks and colour contrasts. The heaviness is attributed to the historical fact that the saree was worn without other accompaniments and in a different way from what is prevalent today. The saree was also said to be of shorter length than the conventional one, exposing the anklet portion of the wearers.
The modern Chettinad saree still maintains rudiments of its original version, but has been suitably modified to meet current day needs of the saree-wearers.
Both silk and cotton are used as base fabric materials and the hallmarks of thickness and huge ‘kandanghi’ borders are merged with trendy colourful designs and embroidery to create the elegant ‘Chettinad magic’.
Current fashion sees geometrical patterns printed on the cotton base and a zari border and colourful pallu, giving that refreshing change for both traditional occasions and formal trendy corporate wear.
The silk saree with printed checks, embellished with mirrors and sequins is that eye-catcher to be worn for special occasions, as at parties, high-profile weddings or even at special invitations.
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