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The Hearts & Arrows Ideal Cut Diamonds from the fine jewelry store in St. Louis offers customers perfectly-cut gems, at a fraction of the price.

[Ballwin, 4/27/2018] – The Diamond Family specializes in the finest cut diamonds, providing more than $2 million worth of inventory. Among its collection is the Hearts & Arrows Ideal Cut Diamonds, which the St. Louis jeweler describes as being similar to a popular diamond brand.

The Hearts & Arrows Collection

The fine jewelry store says pieces from the Hearts & Arrows Ideal Cut Diamonds come from the finest diamonds. Although the collection features only one-in-a-million diamonds, the store still makes these available in-store every day.

The Diamond Family adds that while its Hearts & Arrows is like Hearts on Fire, it offers customers with the finest gems at an affordable price.

The diamonds, cut by machine, exclude the margin for human error. The products also optimize the weight of the rough diamond, assuring a perfectly finished product while making the gem affordable to all. The Diamond Family considers its Hearts & Arrows diamond collection as the best diamond value in the city.

The Finest Shopping Experience

In addition to affordable and certified diamonds, The Diamond Family also provides an unmatched shopping experience. The fine jewelry store in St. Louis takes customers through their purchase, providing as much information as necessary.

The jewelry store also ensures that customers have an enjoyable experience as they choose their engagement, wedding, or everyday jewelry. Customers can expect a zero-pressure environment with personalized service.

About The Diamond Family

Since 1978, The Diamond Family has been serving the city as a fine jewelry store that treats each customer like family. The company provides a wide array of options for proposals, gifts, or accessories. Its second-to-none diamond selection assures customers that their purchase is the finest and worthy of their money.

The Diamond Family also offers full custom design capabilities. See more of the jewelry store’s products and services at The Diamond Family.