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Pigeon Guard is a leading company which offer services to prevent or remove pigeon from your premises. It will help you to keep your premises clean.

As the days get warmer, birds will twitch to look for dwellings to settle – outside ledges and exposed pipework. Their droppings will then collect on the floor below, causing an unsightly and dangerously slippery mess. We are now warning facilities and property managers to check their buildings are properly protected from unwanted birds. There are many techniques available to the professional pest controller such as installing nets, bird free gel, sprung wire systems and bird spike repellents.

In this condition, nets will be used to keep pigeon from searching suitable places to perch and nest. But, poorly maintained netting can be a bigger problem than no nets at all. A bad quality of net might allow pigeon to become tangled causing distress to the bird and more damage to the net. In fact, a poorly maintained net can sometimes be worse than no net at all.

Pigeons are not the only flying pest that can affect businesses and residential properties. In addition to the problems of fouling and infested pigeon netting, gulls will also aggressively defend their nests and if parakeets enter a roof space their strong beaks can cause structural damage to roof joists. Pigeon Guard tend to live in large colonies meaning if you have a problem you need to deal with it immediately.

We offer Balcony Pigeon Netting service, from the initial survey and specification through to the final proofing solution. Our staff are highly trained and offer an exceptionally fast and efficient level of service. We focus on providing the best solution to people and guard their premises from pigeon.

People can also contact us for Electric Shock Trapping. We have all kind of way to capture pigeon and remove from your property. We are capable to make secure your premises from pigeon. To know more about us, you can visit our official site.

Get started today and solve your bird problems!

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