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The Colorado Home Realty is holding an event featuring the company’s CEO and other successful business professionals who will deliver techniques and insight that create change.

[Littleton, 4/26/2018 – Colorado Home Realty (CHR), together with Land Title and Nova Home Loans, is organizing a lecture called: “Unstuck,” which aims to help people improve their businesses and lives. The event will happen on April 27 at 10 AM in Shea Center II Classroom, Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

The speakers for the event include Matt Hudson, owner and CEO of Colorado Home Realty, and Senior Loan Officer with Nova Home Loans, Adam Hebener. The two business professionals and coaches will share their insights and practical skills to help participants achieve changes the drive success.

Changing Habits

Attendees of the event will gain tips and techniques that apply to business or life improvement. Hudson and Hebener will teach simple techniques for participants to find new habits and applied disciplines, which could prove useful for people who have struggled before.

A person’s life is usually the result of the person’s habits. If the person learns to break negative bad habits and learn good ones, it can influence his or her views on business or life.

Taking Control of Success

The speakers will also go over the necessary factors that affect change, so that a person can take control of his or her advancement. According to the company, the psychology of behavior and pattern interruption is important as it will influence changes in a person’s life.

Attendees will further learn to develop a mindset that generates lasting motivation and change. Hudson and Hebener will generously explain the importance of these factors for an improved approach to life and business.

“Unstuck” is a free event with an online registration.

About Colorado Home Realty

Colorado Home Realty (CHR) is a team of smart, funny, and tenacious individuals aiming to change the way the world views real estate. The company likes doing things differently, delivering a world-class experience through innovative approaches.

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