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From finding the perfect property to turning around businesses, Blue Sky Ideation provides the thinking needed to overcome obstacles.

Blue Sky Ideation, led by Christine Georgopulo, specializes in getting businesses to the next level. That could be branding their identity, writing promotional content, forming a strategic partnership, or doing whatever else it takes.

“I am truly a ‘Blue Sky’ thinker and do not believe in limitations or boundaries when it comes to creativity and thinking outside of the box,” Georgopulo said. “Just tell me what you want and I will find a solution to get it for you.”

The New York University graduate is a Connecticut and New York licensed real estate broker, licensed builder, award-winning decorator, and marketing and public relations professional. She offers numerous areas of expertise ranging from concept creation and integration to multi-tasking in fast-paced environments.

“What makes me unique is that you get me from start to finish,” she said. “I am involved every step of the way vs. handing you off to the team and going on to the next project. I take full ownership as though I’m doing the project for myself and, most importantly, I have a ‘Never Say Die’ attitude.”

Blue Sky Ideation evaluates businesses’ operations to make sure all the pieces are running smoothly. Georgopulo provides a fresh set of eyes and perspective to help solve issues that keep companies from fulfilling their potential and completing their projects.

“Because of my wealth of experience and numerous board seats, I have a tremendous bandwidth and network of HNWI, civic and corporate leaders, and a huge array of multi-subject ‘puzzle pieces’ from which to draw upon for every need and situation,” she said.

For more information about Blue Sky Ideation, visit its website at or call 203-921-5992.

Christine Georgopulo
Company: Blue Sky Ideation
Phone: 203.921.5992
Address: 31 Brookside Drive, Greenwich, CT 06830