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XLSTAT version 2018.2 is available for download! With its 200+ statistical features and user-friendly interface, XLSTAT is the leading statistical software solution for Microsoft Excel.

New statistical features and options:

Word cloud: A powerful text visualization tool for quickly identifying important words in a document. Colors can be defined by the user for a more customized output. Available in all XLSTAT solutions under the Visualizing data menu.

ELECTRE I: Commonly used in decision making, this method aims to detect, compare and rank solutions to a multi-criteria problem. Available in all XLSTAT solutions under the Decision aid menu.

Conjoint design: It is now possible to take into account prohibited pairs when creating a full-profile or a choice-based conjoint design. Available in XLSTAT-Marketing & XLSTAT-Premium under the Conjoint analysis menu.

Random Forests: Several new options including Random Input method and Mean Decrease Accuracy for measuring variable importance. Available in all XLSTAT solutions under the Machine Learning menu.

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