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Couples looking to pursue a divorce in Colorado must follow the established process of the state. They can approach Lewis & Matthews, P.C. if they need assistance and want the process to be less stressful.

[DENVER, 04/25/2018] — Divorce in Colorado is a lengthy process. According to an article by LegalZoom, the entire process takes a minimum of three months. Moreover, the procedure takes longer to complete when one party contests the divorce. Fortunately, couples can do away with the stress and confusion of the process by turning to an experienced Colorado divorce lawyer from Lewis & Matthews, P.C.

An Overview of Colorado’s Divorce Process

When a spouse wants to begin the divorce process, he/she starts with filing a summons as well as a petition for marriage dissolution. The other spouse will have 20 days to respond to the petition with the court.

Case management usually takes place six weeks after the spouse files for a petition for dissolution. This stage of the divorce involves the court in establishing deadlines for various aspects of the entire process to keep it moving.

The court will then release stipulated, temporary orders to resolve issues, such as support and custody until the marriage dissolution is final. After these orders are in place, the process will move on to the discovery procedures. Couples need to submit financial disclosures to the court and receive a copy of the other partner’s disclosures and financial statement.

Spouses will then engage in a series of settlement efforts. If they have kids, for instance, they need to attend a parenting class. They are also required to undergo mediation to attempt to fix any outstanding issues.

Helping Couples with the Divorce Procedure

The Colorado divorce process is complex, and many individuals do not realize how complicated it is until they go through a divorce themselves. Lewis & Matthews, P.C. provides clients with clear answers to important questions related to the divorce process as well as other issues like spousal support, child support, and property distribution.

About Lewis & Matthews, P.C.

Lewis & Matthews, P.C. is an experienced family law firm located in Denver, Colorado. The law firm resolves cases with dignity and with minimal conflict needed to serve the best interests of the client.

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