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he family owned and operated company helps businesses protect their data through secured backups and recovery services.

[Burleson, 4/25/2018] – Justice IT Consulting is offering services for data backup and disaster recovery to help clients protect their businesses and keep it running. The company explains that backing up data locally is helpful for quick access, but adds that backups need a separate and secure location.

The Process

Justice IT Consulting engineers manage the on-boarding experience when performing data backup. The process will depend on the environment of the client. Engineers will either run a local seed backup or connect remotely.

Clients will receive a builder that comes with many modules. They can combine and arrange them in any order they require. Additionally, the company will provide restoration and recovery support in case a problem occurs.

The Need for a Backup

According to Justice IT Consulting, data backup and recovery services lead to fast recovery. The client only needs to choose the source of restoration, from local to the cloud, to initiate recovery. Moreover, clients can access the data with or without Internet because the company provides an optional synchronization to local storage, enabling backup whenever and wherever.

Justice IT Consulting, with its focus on cybersecurity, also uses a secure connection with encryption. This allows clients access to their data without worrying about critical and sensitive information reaching hackers and criminals.

Clients do not have to worry about managing the data backup and recovery as Justice IT Consulting does not only provide the tools, but the company also helps manage the whole process.

About Justice IT Consulting

Justice IT Consulting is a multi-generational, family-owned and operated company that simplifies IT for clients. The Texas-based company focuses on providing excellent business solutions to small and medium businesses. With its solutions-oriented, procedural, and standards-based mindset, it keeps clients happy. Justice IT Consulting puts security as its number one priority.

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