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New York, USA – Infinity Booty has unleashed upon the world, what might well be the best, most effective, weight loss method and fitness equipment. The Resistance Booty Band was designed with your booty in mind. However, the fitness guru who’s responsible for the miraculous invention of the Infinity Fitness Booty Band, also kept other the parts of your anatomy in mind.

According to the CEO of, Ashvin Melwani, “You see, Infinity’s Booty Band will help you build your perfect figure in just 30 days! And sure, your booty is going to look just banging, but so will the rest of your body, as the Booty Resistance Band works out all your body, so that you can strengthen, tone and burn body fat simultaneously.”

If you haven’t seen Infinity’s Booty Band yet, you might be shocked by The Booty Band’s appearance, as it may come off as “simple.” And it is… It’s also, an easy to use fitness apparatus that can actually achieve incredible results in no time at all! “Use the Booty Band for 5 to 15 minutes a day for 30 days and you’ll be blown away! There are many who have already used the Booty Band and have testified favorably and now swear by Infinity’s Resistance Booty Band.” added Ashvin

We urge you to check out the latest craze in fitness, which might also be the last fitness equipment you’ll ever need! Get a Booty Band today and rock that booty!

About Infinity Booty and Infinity’s Fitness Resistance Booty Band:

Infinity Booty is relatively new in the fitness industry. However, there’s somewhat of an uproar and frenzy going on since Infinity’s Fitness Resistance Booty Band’s release.

Ashvin further says, “Women from all walks of life are utilizing the Booty Band and only have positive things to say about Infinity Booty, as they’ve been able to burn body fat, tone up and get that tiny waist with a big ole booty that many women wish to achieve in just 30 days!”

Best of all, rumor has it that Infinity Booty has a couple of more fitness equipment in the works. It appears as though Infinity Booty is here to stay and has quite a bit more in store for us.

To learn more about Infinity’s Fitness Booty Band and other merchandise visit there website –


Ashvin Melwani

New York, USA