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Most vehicle accidents happen because speed is exceeded. When vehicles move fast, drivers have less time available to respond to road conditions and any collision causes damage. Imagine when pedestrians are around, the situation is even more critical. Municipalities and businesses think of traffic calming solutions, including speed humps. The speed bump is easy to install and implies low costs.
The speed bump is different than the speed hump, being more aggressive and causing jolts foe drivers. It forces speed reduction and drivers have to slow down considerably, even stopping the car to be able to pass over in a comfortable and safe manner. In locations where there is a lot of traffic and cars have to drive at a low speed, bumps are indicated. Of course, it is not like they come out of the bloom, as drivers can see them from the distance. This gives them time to slow down and alert that safety is crucial within the area.
On the other hand, speed humps are more “delicate” and cars can pass them over without experiencing such a jolt. This makes them suitable for local roads where full stops are not necessary, but low speeds are. Many locations where humps have been installed have witnessed speed reduction and excessive speeders are discouraged. This means that fewer accidents take place and pedestrians are not involved in them. Many neighborhoods and shopping centers have installed such tools, as they are very effective and provide results as soon as they are mounted on the road. At any time, they can be removed and relocated, based on the traffic conditions.
Speed and slow signs are not always effective, as drivers sometimes don’t even notice them or choose to neglect them, thinking they are not important. On the other hand, speed bumps and humps remain in the location for a long period of time and drivers get accustomed to them, but know when to speed down as well. Some drivers claim that these instruments cause damage to their vehicles, but if the right precautions are taken, this is not the case. Placement is important and one solution would be to install them near driveways, intersections, curbs and streetlights. The material from which are manufactured also represents an important factor. Plastic and rubber cause less damage to cars, as they are more flexible.
Drivers that do not see the bumps are at risk when they pass over them, so increased visibility is essential. Making sure the elements have reflective strips and signage paint is one solution. Manufacturers know all these aspects and if you want to limit speeding within a certain area, you can get in touch with them and ask for assistance. They will gladly present the options and help you choose the right one. Thanks to the experience they have in the field and wide range of products available, they will certainly help you achieve your goal.
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