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A DUI case can have a great impact on your career, insurance rates, traveling outside the country and more. It is always advisable to hire a skilled DUI lawyer near West Palm Beach. The laws in Florida for drunk and driving are very strict even for first-time offenders and it can lead to fines, community service, probations, driver license suspension, and even prison time.

Choosing a DUI lawyer
While you start finding a capable lawyer for handling your DUI case, you need to put some extra effort into choosing the best one. The first thing is the lawyer should be practicing in DUI only. A lawyer who has been handling all type of cases would not have in-depth knowledge of the information in DUI. A lawyer who has been just started his or career in DUI will not be aware of the outcomes and will not be able to handle the tough processes. Therefore, hire a person who has a minimum of a decade’s experience in the area. Additionally, prefer the one who is in the local state because only they will be familiar with the local laws, courtrooms, judges and if any changes occur in the law, they will be updated too.

After deciding the lawyer, you can meet with them during the initial consultation. Mostly, lawyers offer initial consultation as free. Than talking through a phone call, get to meet them in person. While going to their office, you can get an idea about them. Explain your case in detail to them. Ask them their suggestions, and in what way the case can be processed. Get to know their attitude towards your case. Also, ask them who will the handle the case. Sometimes, there are chances for the other lawyers in the firm to handle your case. When you don’t feel comfortable working with them, do not hesitate to move to another lawyer. Only then, you can be confident in the outcomes of the case. Finally, ask them about the fee structure. Anyhow they will not be able to tell you the exact amount. You can get an approximate value so that you make a decision. To know more, visit