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Pholaco started out as a large-scale manufacturer of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) mega blocks in 2008. The company has grown to provide various alternatives to the traditional methods of constructing a building.

At the outset, green building may seem to be a holistic concept, but Pholaco takes care that all the stages of construction are environment friendly.

Thermal Panel Construction: Being lightweight, it saves up on transport costs and requires less people to handle the objects. Applying thermal panel construction prevents the overall system from being exposed to water. The storage procedure of the products also becomes easier. Aluzinc skin ensures the durability of the product while kit construction allows for easy assemble and disassemble process.

Lightweight Steel Frame Construction: Firstly, lightweight steel frame ensures durability and longevity of a building. Compared to the double skin plastered brick wall construction process, light steel frame reduces the weight by at least 10%. Moreover, this green product is also 100% recyclable and reduces 80% carbon footprint. Light steel frames provided by Pholaco for construction purposes are known to have thermal and acoustic properties.

Cellulose Lightweight Cement Construction: This process includes the use of lightweight form work that has been derived from light Gauge Steel. Cellulose lightweight cement construction actually improves the structural strength of a building and complies with the eco standards. Moreover, compared to the traditional building methodologies it is much faster.

Products offered by Pholaco

  • Foundation slabs: A strong foundation is essential for every building according to the technicians. All the types of foundation are offered by the company—strip footing, pad and peer, stab on ground, and conventional reinforced raft and a waffle raft. The Pholaco team will advise on one of these foundation types depending on the ground conditions.
  • Roof solutions: From designing and detailing, roof systems to performance tests, Pholaco does it all. Pholaco is the company to look out for if one is searching for an expert roofing contractor in and around Cape Town. They use roll light weight roof truss systems and pre-assemble roof truss systems. Glass wool insulation systems prevent an excessive absorption of heat through rooftops.
  • Building kits: The building kits of Pholaco include pre-fabricated modular walls and roofing panels. As they use light frame steel and thermal panels, one need not worry about leaving a huge impact on the environment.

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About the Company
Operational since 2008, Pholaco is renowned in South Africa as a manufacturer of Expanded Polystyrene and a roll former. Pholaco complies with SANS 10400 XA, the South African legislated energy efficiency code.

Neil Hare Rd, Atlantis Industrial
Cape Town, 7349, South Africa
Tel: 021 5772601