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If you live in either New York City, New Jersey, Texas or Massachusetts – chances are that you have heard of Gong Cha tea shops and their famous and highly reputable Bubble Tea. If you’re already fangirling about Gong Cha Bubble Tea, then you’re going to burst with fruit color when you hear the latest in regards to Gong Cha’s new series of Bubble Teas.

According to the President of, Anchal Lamba, “As you may or may not know, just last month – Gong Cha released a new, Strawberry Series, which took Gong Cha tea shops by storm, as these became really popular. They used this jam consistency, which allowed for real pieces of Strawberry to be inside the beverage. It was really awesome and delicious!”

Gong Cha’s Strawberry Series Included the following drinks:

• Strawberry Milk Foam Green Tea
• Strawberry Milk Tea
• Strawberry Green Tea
• Strawberry Yogurt
• Strawberry Oreo Chocolate Drink

Anchal Further Announces Good News – “But, you haven’t heard nothing yet… In early May, Gong Cha tea shops in NYC, NJ, TX and in MA will be releasing yet another new series of Bubble Tea beverages.” This new series will be their Grapefruit Series, which will include the following flavors of teas and variations:

• Grapefruit Green Tea
• Grapefruit Black Tea
• Grapefruit Yogurt
• Grapefruit with Ai-Yu Jelly

Is this awesome or what?!? If you’re a fan of Bubble Tea, especially Boba Tea from Gong Cha tea shops, then you totally understand where all this enthusiasm stems from…

Though, there’s even more good news…! Are you ready for this?!? In June, Gong Cha tea shops will be launching their very new snack – “Bubble Waffle!!” Yes, this has been 100 percent confirmed. Sure, we will have to wait a little bit, but time does surely fly…

Anchar Further Says, “Anyway, the Bubble Waffle – Gong Cha tea shops’ new upcoming snack is a Hong-Kong style egg waffle and you’ll have a ton load of toppings that you can choose to add to your Bubble Waffle,” such as:

• Different Flavored Syrups
• Cream
• Bubbles
• Red Bean
• Fruits
• Jelly
• And so much more!

About Gong Cha and Gong Cha Bubble Tea:

Gong Cha tea shops were established and found in 2006 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. “Gong Cha” means “tribute tea for the emperor,” which is quite the suitable name for such a well established and recognizable Bubble Tea Franchise.

Gong Cha is perhaps the most recognized Bubble Tea brand around the world. Gong Cha tea shops have surpassed their impeccable reputation against many competitors.

The utter success of Gong Cha tea shops is prove that customers have responded more than favorably to Gong Cha’s premium quality tea, products and their services.


Anchal Lamba

Greater New York City Area
New York, NY, USA