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Hillbrook Projects was founded in January 2007. Since then, the company has been steadily growing and slowly making a name in the real estate and property development industry. Because of its success, Ark Properties came about in April 2016, which focuses more on project management. The inspiration for these two companies can be attributed to one visionary – Giuseppe “Joe” Brunato, an Italian native who migrated to Australia during the late 1950s, who had this vision to construct beautiful homes all around Melbourne. His passion for building made a lasting impact to his family that even his grandchildren acquired it. Three generations later, that passion still lives on.

Tristan Angelini, who purchased his first property at age 17 spearheaded Hillbrook Projects and Ark Properties. Tristan is passionate about the real estate and property development industry. He says, “I’m passionate [about real estate and property development] because I believe that there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a project come to life. From a concept sketch on a piece of paper to physically seeing it in real life.” He capitalized his love for design and market trends, which resulted into a multi-million property portfolio. Some of the services of the company include construction of a single dwelling, double-storey homes, Townhouses, Duplex and Strata Tiled development, property development management in Melbourne or interstate. Hillbrook Projects and Ark Property’s value, quality and seek perfection. Making sure that there is precise workmanship and building amazing relationship with clients are two fundamentals the company both work hard on to achieve.

Tristan’s vision of the companies is not just limited to building and construction in Australia. He says, “My vision for the company in the future is to create a boutique management fund which invests in projects across Australia and then internationally.” Along with his team of young professionals, Hillbrook Projects and Ark Properties continue to develop strategies that will cater to the needs of their clients; ensuring that they receive the greatest return on investment.

Right now, the company offers pre-release townhouses in Werribee, Victoria and Manor Lakes, Victoria. Hillbrook Projects and Ark Properties consistently deliver what they promise.

Tristan’s knowledge about the industry also allows him to provide mentorship and guidance to those who want to venture into entrepreneurship. In fact, his personal website will be launched soon, which will contain projects and blogs that will help those who are aspiring to become successful in the real estate and property development industries. He foresees future trends that could most certainly provide you with some insight to the future, just like the fact that he believes that the apartment market is at its peak. He adds, “I believe developers will target more of a develop, hold and rent strategy as a more sustainable business model.”