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How to Upgrade Your Analog Cameras Hikvision Solutions

Thinking about upgrading your analog cameras? Here’s what to consider. Many Australians installed CCTV system as a security measure, either for business premises or their homes. Nowadays, technology trends are moving at a faster pace and people might experience huge changes every year. Some CCTV systems are outdated, our editor invites Raymond – the business development manager of BIGPACK Hikvision Authorized Partner – to advise on how to upgrade your analog cameras within budget.

Switching from an analog-based CCTV system to Full High-Definition or higher camera system used to be a major hassle. But now we have few options from Hikvision can help you to achieve the goal within your budget. We will go through the steps to help you out.

Step1, how high is high enough
All analog video cameras use standard analog NTSC or PAL video which was created with the limit on image resolution and cannot be avoided. On the other hand, new TVI cameras and IP cameras are available in a wide range of resolutions in megapixels that can be selected according to specific needs.
Some of our customers surprised by our Hikvision 4MP IP Cameras or TVI Cameras, which is entry level products in our product line. A 4MP IP camera is almost 12 times the resolution of analog cameras. With higher resolution added, larger areas can be covered with one camera, the number plates are easier to read, and the faces become clearer.
We recommend all our clients visit our showroom or go to our YouTube channel to see the real footage from Hikvision products, check the price on our website, choose the right model for yourself, before you sign up with anyone to do the upgrade job for you.

Step2, what we have in your running system
Nearly all old CCTV systems use coax cabling system, if your system connected by network cable(Cat5e/Cat6), please don’t hesitate to choose IP cameras to upgrade. We will only discuss here if your cable is coax cable.
Coax cables can be used by Hikvision TVI cameras. Or if you would like to use Ethernet over Coax(EoC) devices, you will be able to connect IP cameras to your coax cable through EoC. But definitely, the EoC will cost extra.
If you don’t want to spend too much to upgrade your system, Hikvision TVI cameras are the best option to you. As there are no more cabling jobs to do, and the labor cost to upgrade the system just few hours of changing cameras and DVR. You can even keep some analog cameras in your new system, most of TVI DVRs are compatible with old analog cameras.

Step3, think about the future
The future, definitely belongs to IP Cameras, we will discuss why in other articles, this is why some people would like to invest the money to change their system to full IP system. If this is your choice, you need to hire a good cabler to change the existing cables to Cat5e/Cat6, and then install IP cameras and NVR. In case some cables may be difficult to run, you can use Ethernet over Coax(EoC) device to keep part of your coax cables to save labor and cost. Hikvision Ethernet over Coax(EoC) device can even provide power for Power over Ethernet (PoE) IP cameras.
Additionally, cheap storage options such as hosted servers make network video a much more affordable option than analog solutions.

Step4, make a decision yourself
Now, a decision has to be made before you can move ahead. As we discussed in this article, if you’re keen to upgrade your CCTV system without blowing a hole in your budget, Hikvision TVI cameras with TVI DVR is the option to go. If you are fan of the most advanced surveillance system or you would like to invest now to save cost in future, to install a full IP system would be another option. If there is any difficulty, you have to keep some coax cables in your system, you have Ethernet over Coax(EoC) to help you out.

Have a look at our Hikvision TVI Cameras or IP Cameras and contact us now to get your own upgrade!