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New Delhi, 23rd April 2018: Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI), a leading national non-profit organization celebrated the World Earth Day 2018, jointly with HM DAV Sr. Secondary School. Various inter-school activities and other events were organized at the school campus. Students from about 10 schools participated in competitions based on the theme for this year,“Go Green – Go Clean”.

The underlying message of the event was the importance of a green planet for a healthy life as well as for the present and future generations. The event also aimed at educating and raising awareness on the need to use clean energy resources among children.

Speaking at the event, Padma Shri Dr K K Aggarwal, President, HCFI, said, “We, at HCFI, have been celebrating World Earth Day since almost three decades. The theme this year is special as there is an urgent need to focus on the use of clean energy sources for a greener planet. Rising pollution levels and the rate at which trees are being cut necessitates that we raise awareness on the ill effects of these activities on our planet. Environmental emergencies such as global warming, natural disasters, and changing weather patterns are all indications that unless we expedite efforts, we cannot ensure a brighter future for the generations to come. We must focus on leading an environment-friendly life including saving water and electricity and taking steps to reduce pollution. We are happy to be associated with HM DAV Sr. Secondary School once again this year and thank them for their continuous support.”

As part of the event, students from various schools also presented colorful and entertaining cultural programmes based on the theme. The highlight of the day was musical yoga by Mr Hemant and group. It was a novel idea and centered around the concept of integrating our life with nature.

Adding his views, Mr R K Tiwari, Principal, HMDAV School, Daryaganj, said, “We are glad to be associated with the HCFI for the event again this year. Schools are the best places to create awareness about various things including what practices are healthy for our planet. If inculcated at this age, they will ensure that their activities do not hamper the environment in future. Creating a sense of belongingness to the earth and its beings among children is very essential. With this aim, we also try and centre the activities for Earth Day around these things.”

While students from the primary group recited theme-based poems, those from the middle group participated in slogan writing. It was interesting to read the catchy slogans and understand their thought process. Students from the senior classes brought their imagination alive on the canvas, which will be displayed around the school for others to see and learn. Winners from each category were awarded and participation certificates were handed over to all participants.