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DUI laws are one of the strict laws, in which if a person is found guilty, then they have to go through a lot of consequence after it. DUI, which is abbreviated as Driving under the Influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance, is considered as a serious offense as driving in such a condition can be harmful to both the driver and the people. According to a statistic, every year more than 1000 DUI cases are filed in California. Thus, the DUI cases are considered as a serious offense in California and there are strict laws to safeguard and protect the citizen from the intoxicated drivers.

DUI Cases

DUI cases are considered when there is an accident happened due to the negligence of the intoxicated driver or get caught by the police while driving. The accident caused by the driver is classified either into Felony and Misdemeanor DUI cases, depending upon the seriousness of the accident effect. If a person is caught while driving, then they have to go through with a test which is known as BAC (Blood alcohol concentration) test. The most common way used to do BAC test is through the breathalyzer equipment in California. If the BAC levels are higher than the limit of 0.08%, the person is taken into the custody in a DUI case.

DUI Attorney

DUI Attorney is legal counsel experienced in handling the cases to DUI laws. As some of the laws, DUI laws also vary from one state to another. So if you or your loved ones are arrested in the DUI case in San Bernardino Count, hire then an Experienced DUI attorney in San Bernardino County to assist you. The DUI attorney will use many kinds of DUI defense strategies and collects proofs to fight for their clients. Some of the DUI defenses are,

• Mechanical failure of breathalyzer equipment
• The inaccuracy of breathalyzer equipment readings
• Failure to read his/her Miranda rights
• Unjustified Traffic Stop
• Test Delayed and delay in test reading

The DUI attorney will have the local law knowledge and legislative rules which will help you get out of the case easily with least penalties. The attorney helps you from not taking you into the custody, in License suspension and much more. For more information, visit