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Starnberg, 19/4/2018

Since mid-November, WebRTC has been officially named “Candidate Recommendation”: The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) confirms that the planned features are included in the current version. WebRTC defines a collection of communication protocols and programming interfaces for real-time communication and collaboration on the internet. The abbreviation RTC stands for Real Time Communication. estos has been using this internet technology since the advent of WebRTC in 2012. In 2014, the software manufacturer presented Germany’s first practicable integration of audio/video chat via WebRTC, already integrated into the Unified Communications & CTI Software Suite ProCall Enterprise.

“Companies that use their website today to inform employees, prospective customers and clients will use these websites tomorrow to communicate with them, that’s our vision,” says Christoph Lösch, Managing Director – Innovations and Technology – at estos. “WebRTC is the foundation upon which we realize this vision.”

With features such as the multimedia business card or the contact portal, estos has taken the first steps: the contact portal makes employees visible on company websites so that visitors to the website can see who is available and by which means. You can get in touch easily and directly with the most suitable contact. The multimedia business card is sent as a link in an e-mail. The recipient opens it in the browser and can then chat with the sender via text, audio or audio/video. With LiveChat 2 in 2018, estos launches another WebRTC-based application. Via a so-called “widget, a suitable contact person and the contact options on the company website can be shown.

In addition to its own developments, estos also opted for cooperation with other WebRTC pioneers at the very beginning: For example, at CeBIT 2013, the software manufacturer demonstrated its initial steps in WebRTC-based audio/video communication together with Plantronics. The innovator for audio technology provided the appropriate headsets for the software.

“We are proud to have been actively involved in the completion of the internet standard as a German software manufacturer,” summarizes Christoph Lösch. “For example, we were part of the elite circle of ‘Top Ten Bug Chasers’, as Google informed us in an official letter.” In the latest version 6 of the Unified Communications & CTI Suite ProCall, WebRTC is consistently part of the software.

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