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The appealing factor

Everyone has worn a Casio watch at some point of time, mostly during school days. Some turned into avid wearers while others went for entirely analog and classic looks. In the midst are the Ana/Digi wearers; but the Casio Analog Digital Tough Solar AQ-S810WC-4AVDF AQS810WC-4AVDF Men’s Watch comes as a pleasant little surprise to all the three kinds. It’s the kind you can wear to the weekend water-frolic, Sunday bike/car servicing; while doing the laundry or watering the garden and also when you are doing up the fence. Basically, any type of hard, manual activity. It’s big, bold, bright and brutally beautiful!

Unique selling points

Despite a colossal look, the Casio Analog Digital Tough Solar AQ-S810WC-4AVDF AQS810WC-4AVDF Men’s Watch is very lightweight; its enormous 52mm size houses large LCDs which make reading the data easy. The lume fades quicker than a diver watch but is stronger and lasts as long as any other good sports watch would. However, the LED backlight takes care of the viewing problem. The solar-powered mechanism removes the bars from usage-at-will; there’s no question of a depleted battery and hence, replacements. Being Ana/Digi, it uses more power to operate than conventional analog or the entry-level digitals. The large-capacity solar-charging system ensures unrestricted use of advanced functions and features in the Casio Analog Digital Tough Solar AQ-S810WC-4AVDF AQS810WC-4AVDF Men’s Watch.

The self-charging, solar power system also offers plenty of functionality. From multiple daily alarms and timers to a full Auto-Calendar (calibrated till 2099), a 6-language day-indicator, multiple time-zone reading, 1/100th second stopwatch – all that prove the Casio Analog Digital Watches a versatile timepiece suitable for just any sport! The resin band is comfortable unless you pull it excessively tight.

A BIG advantage

Compared to other types of solar-powered movements, Casio’s TOUGH SOLAR charges more efficiently under dim light conditions – especially on cloudy days! Under fluorescent lighting also, it will charge faster. Under Sunlight, it will take 30 hours to come brimming (50K Lx => 5 mins => 24 hours running). You are not required to expose it to any kind of light for several months at a stretch. But if you do, the battery shall always be operating on full tide.

But won’t it get overcharged? No – for TOUGH SOLAR movements feature overcharge prevention, preventing problems that might arise from an excessive light exposure.

Final thoughts

The Casio Analog Digital Tough Solar Men’s Watch hits the top side of the value/price ratio. Its face is easily readable and its bright appearance makes it ideal for the outdoors where spotting an individual becomes a serious problem. It is full-sized, but light; it’s big but not annoying or cumbersome.