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Safety is a major issue for drivers transporting various heavy or light loads. Online retailers are able to offer quality ratchet tie-down straps which are durable and relatively easy to use. For those who aren’t initiated in the world of tie-down straps, ratchets are the straps that are used to hold down car on a tow truck, keep trade equipment in place (ladders, lawnmowers, diggers), and keep hoisted canoes safely in place on car roof racks. There are a hundred and one ways to use a ratchet strap and the reason why they are more useful than ordinary ties is for their unique tensioning system which tightens the load in place without having to rely on your own physical strength.

Autonovus online shop (hyperlink to offer the best range of ratchet straps from Cargo Buckle which are made of a high-grade water-resistant material that is proven to outlast conventional ratchets on the market. It can be used to keep items like covers of large trucks securely in place permanently which is another reason why they are widely used. The Cargo Buckle can stretch to only 15% of its total length to minimise the risk of coming loose during transit. They also hold up to 2,000 lbs of weight which differ across each of the 4 different widths on offer. The Cargo Buckle is also a retractable buckle that can be stored away neatly.

To find out which strap will be best suited to hold what you need contact the team at Autonovus on 0490 455 287 and they’ll advise you on the best ratchet tie-down strap to use. They also have an online store at and includes other types of securing mechanisms like the boat buckles, floor mounting brackets, protective pads and much more.

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