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If electrical contacts and connections are not routinely inspected the risk of unplanned outages and production losses increase.It is common practice to inspect the electrical contacts and connections during scheduled maintenance routines all over the globe. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 70B) makes recommendations to perform annual thermal inspections to help mitigate the risk of connection failure. Because routine maintenance and inspections are time consuming, expensive and potentially hazardous activities, online monitoring systems have been developing to superceded these activities. PyrOptic has come up with a fantastic idea that has completely changed the way electrical connection failure risks can be mitigated.

This switchgear thermal monitoring has the ability to manage risks round the clock by using the latest concept that leverages loop integrity. This new concept of switchboard temperature monitoring is scalable, reliable and versatile. Apart from safeguarding the electrical equipment, it also cut down on maintenance and inspection requirements, reducing costs. PyrOptic can be used for mass deployment throughout distribution systems and electrical equipment. The PyrOptic system has one or more PyrOnodes that are joined by a continuous length of plastic optic fiber (POF). The temperature is monitored constantly on each of these PyrOnodes. Because of the constant monitoring, an immediate feedback of any developing problem can be given when the temperature threshold exceeds beyond the set limits. This way, the problem can be rectified before it occurs and thereby the integrity of the fiber optic loop will not be compromised. The loop integrity is typically monitored by using the fiber optic amplifier relay. It can also be checked manually with nothing more than a light source (such as a torch).

PyrOptic offers the most reliable, economical and distrubutable fiber optic temperature alarm for electrical connections in the market. Our PyrOptic system consists of one or more PyrOnodes linked by a continuous length of plastic fiber optic (POF).To know more info please visit our website at