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In Path of Exile, Wild Strike is a melee attack skill that converts all of the damage to a random element when an enemy is struck. Then, depending on the element chosen, it releases an explosion, an arcing bolt of lightning, or an icy wave.

An attack with Wild Strike consists of two parts: an initial melee hit that functions similarly to a default melee attack and one of the following effects being chosen at random with equal chance: A fiery explosion with the keywords Fire, AoE, Attack. An icy wave with the keywords Cold, Projectile, Attack. An arcing bolt of lightning with the keywords Lightning, Chaining, Attack.

Modifiers that require a specific keyword only apply to the appropriate portions of the attack. For example, supporting Wild Strike with Melee Physical Damage Support will increase the melee hit’s physical and converted damage, but will not increase the damage of the secondary elemental effect. Remember have poe currency purchase in safe website.

That said, passive points that grant Increased damage with one-handed melee weapons for example will in fact affect the triggered attacks as well if one is using a one-handed weapon, since it is still an attack that is dealt with a melee weapon (though the damage you’re dealing is not actually melee damage).

Similarly, supporting Wild Strike with Lesser Multiple Projectiles Support will cause the Icy Wave to fire additional projectiles and deal less damage, but will not affect any other portions of the attack.

Damage conversion: An attack with Wild Strike converts 100% of physical damage to a random element; this conversion applies to all parts of the attack. Like all converted damage, the elemental portion of Wild Strike’s damage will be modified by both elemental and physical damage increases.

Additional damage: Any additional damage gains from gear, auras, weapons or any other source (such as Added Fire Damage Support, Hatred, or Anger) will apply to all parts of the attack.

Tooltip damage: The damage dealt and DPS values shown on this ability’s tooltip only indicates the statistics of the initial hit and does not include the random elemental conversion.

Dual wielding: Wild Strike with dual wielding will always alternate between both weapons. For more Path of Exile guides, you can visit