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Vagabond Temple provides yoga and detox retreats with the aim to cleanse the body, mind and spirit. The retreat helps people achieve a deep understanding of their body and relationship with food.

[KEP, 18/04/2018] – Guests can partake in a yoga and detox retreat with like-minded individuals at the Detox Cleanse Program of Vagabond Temple, a renowned yoga and meditation centre in Cambodia. The mentors will follow the retreat schedule, making sure they help participants achieve a deeper understanding of the body and their relationship with food.

Yoga and Detox Retreat

Detox involves strengthening the body’s natural detoxification process through a series of fasting exercises and relaxation sessions. When the body is cleansed, it enters a restful rate and removes harmful toxins that have heavily affect physical, mental and emotional well-being.

However, the Vagabond Temple community believes that detoxing alone can be difficult. With a five- or seven-day Detox Cleanse Program, participants can detox in a peaceful setting and with a spiritual community of like-minded people. Vagabond Temple also has a dedicated mentor who guides all the participants throughout the retreat.

The Detox Cleanse Program provides:

• Daily yoga and meditation classes
• Workshops on health, nutrition and cleansing
• Healing sessions
• Accommodation and access to retreat house facilities
• Unlimited herbal tea, fresh coconut water and sugar cane juice
• An emotionally supportive environment and a safe space

Retreat Schedule

Vagabond Temple integrates different schools of nutrition into the Detox Cleanse Program, optimised for individual needs and concerns. The retreat schedules are as follows:


• Workshop on program expectations
• Introduction to Ayurvedic principles and Natural Hygiene
• Set meals of steamed vegetables, salad and fruit

Fasting Period

• Morning check-in and sharing
• Healing sessions (massage or reiki)
• Workshop on emotional relationships with food, philosophy of detox and nutrition
• Drinking coconut water, herbal tea and sugar cane juice


• Final debrief and checkup
• Set meals of steamed vegetables, salad and fruit

About Vagabond Temple

Vagabond Temple calls everyone to join its yoga and meditation retreats in Cambodia for a rejuvenating and transformative experience. Living with the community promotes healing, growth and interaction with like-minded participants who are supportive of other people’s journeys.

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