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Text My Main Number is a leading landline texting service provider. A representative of the company announced to offer the best landline texting for Restaurants. The company will provide a web based text to landline solution for restaurants that want to use the landline texting services. Also, the company will text-enable the landline of the restaurant for 2-way texting. The stated service will be available at a fixed monthly fee based on the package and service selected by the restaurant.

According to the further shared details, the company has launched three different packages. Each package will have different features and access to the text to landline platform. The restaurants can choose the package based on their texting needs and monthly budget. The representative of the company announced to offer a custom package in case of custom feature or number of SMS requirements. Also, the company will provide heavy discount to the restaurant that text-enables multiple landline or toll free numbers to use this SMS solution.

“We are really happy to launch our landline texting services for the restaurant. This service is available worldwide and anyone can use this service at affordable rates. There are many restaurants that use our solution to add the convenience of SMS in the communication. Our solution also automates different types of communications such as, providing answers to commonly asked questions such as giving directions of the restaurant, providing open hours, etc. The text to landline solution can also be used to let customers book tables automatically via texting.”, shared Ash Vyas, Director of Operations, Text My Main Number.

She further added, “The restaurants can conduct surveys to learn from their guests about their likings which can be used to improve the menu and services. This texting to landline solution is also very useful in listening to the concerns of the customers. This can be used in resolving the problem of getting a lot of negative reviews and ratings online which can be disastrous to business. The landline texting solution can work as a gatekeeper to get negative feedback from customers, which should be resolved at our end. This will help in taking necessary steps to pacify customer and improve customer satisfaction and positive online ratings.”

The company has added a webpage about their texting to landline service for restaurants. The webpage matches the theme of the website and well written. It provides the information about available features of the landline texting solution for restaurants. Also, it shares how the landline texting service work. The restaurant owners can have a quick glance at key utilities of this advanced SMS to landline solution for them. The page shares key utilities of this messaging solution for both, customers and the staff of the restaurant. Along with utilities, it shares key benefits of using the landline texting for restaurants. You can get all these details about the available service and advanced SMS solution by visiting