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In Divorce, one of the most contested matters to handle by the spouses is Child Custody. Child Custody is the process of providing a solution for the parents who want the primary custody over the child, which in terms specified as with which parent a child or children will spend their most of the time. If both the spouses have reached an agreement over the child custody outside the court, the court will not intervene in this type of decision. However, if the parents fail to come to an agreement, the court will interferes to take the best possible decision in the child custody.

Factors to consider in Child Custody

There are different types of factors and conditions that affect the arrangement of Child Custody. First, the jurisdiction will says to parents to determine the child custody outside the court or tries by using any mediator, counselor or an attorney to get an agreement on the child custody. If it fails, the court will use discretion officers to reach a conclusion over the custody process. One of the main factors that a court considers is Child’s best interest. If the child is old enough to express their own opinion, then the court will ask the child for custody preference. Financial background, the amount of emotional support and other stress factors like Domestic violence, abuse, etc are some of the matters the court will look upon.

As divorce laws, the child custody laws also vary from state to state. Some state referred it to Time sharing period rather than custody. And there are different types of child custody to determine about. This all depends on the type of custody does the parents want. So, if the court takes the decision over the process, the custody is given to a parent as primary responsible and another parent gives the visitation hours.

Help of an Attorney in Child Custody

Besides representing in the Divorce process, the Divorce attorney will also have all the other legal process involved in the divorce like Property and loan division, Alimony, Child support and Child Custody. The Divorce attorney will use their experience and skills set to represent their client interest in the court and fight for it. They will help you to get proceed with all the legal works in submitting custody process and also in mediation purpose. And also they come as the best supports while dealing with this stressful legal process in the court. For more information, visit