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High Quality Organics, a wholesale company in North America, offers culinary and packaging services for customers who want to minimize their time and cost in product development process.

[Reno, 04/17/2018] – Apart from providing the highest quality of organic products, High Quality Organics (HQO) also offers culinary and packaging services to customers. The company provides extensive expertise and helps clients to save time and money in product development.

Culinary Services

High Quality Organics is composed of R&D team whose expertise is incomparable to competitors with their 12 years of experience in organic spice, herb, and tea formulation. The company supports customers to create a flavor profile that is sustainable and fiscally responsible.

High Quality Organics works closely with the customer during the process to produce exactly what the customer wants. The product development process begins with continuous communication between High Quality Organics and the customer to understand the goals of the client for their product, brand, and vision.

Once the goal is clear, High Quality Organics develops the blend using a worldwide supply of organic herbs, spices, botanicals and teas applying the company’s knowledge on global trends and formulation expertise.

Packaging Services

High Quality Organics offers custom packaging for the customers to allow them to simplify the process of product development in order to save time and money. In line with this, the company guides the customers in creating a unique package that suits their product and budget.

Customers will have a variety of options in terms of distribution and packaging since High Quality Organics knows the challenges it comes to bulk, wholesale, or retail. Additionally, High Quality Organics supports sustainability as the company strives to provide economic and eco-friendly products possible.

About High Quality Organics

High Quality Organics is an independent and privately owned company which started in October 2009 through the merging of two organic companies – Great Spice Company and Herb Trade. The company is the biggest all-organic food ingredient company in North America catering food companies with a variety of certified organic spices, blends, teas, grains, and herbs and botanicals.

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