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If you like to teach people swimming then you need to acquire certification called a water safety instructor certification. At Lifeguard-Pro you can take water safety instructor courses to become water safety instructor. However these professionals can do more than just teach swimming. They are lifeguards instructors trained to work with both children and adults.

In the United States of America, the Lifeguard-Pro is recognized as the leading educator in water safety training programs. To become a certified Water Safety Instructor and be eligible to teach you must pass a class taught is a certified teacher. Most of the classroom instruction is actually done in the water, so that is why you cannot learn correctly at home or online. You can feel free to practice the test at home though and read the materials at your own convenience.

The basic requirements to become an instructor are age and ability based. Instructors must be at least 16, and the instructor must be able to swim laps using a variety of strokes under a certain time limit. A proficient swimmer, with a little practice on the unique strokes, should be able to pass this exam without trouble.

If you have decided that getting your WSI Certification is the right next move for you, then check with Lifeguard-Pro, water safety & rescue. Become a Water Safety Instructor (WSI) from the nationally & internationally recognized Water Safety Instructor certification courses are available in all 50 U.S. states, over 1,500 American cities, and over 30 countries around the world.

WSI Certification Classes are offered in Easy Two-Part Course:

  1. Part One (Home-Study Course) – where you will complete a comprehensive, online Home-Study Course. You will work in the comfort and convenience of your own home, and progress at your own pace. During the Home-Study Course, you will study the course textbooks, videos, and complete the course lesson plans.
  2. Part Two (In-Person Training). You will participate in a convenient 1 day In-Person Training Session at the location and date you select. You get to select the location and date of your own Lifeguard training classes!


The Lifeguard-Pro certification program is widely recognized for offering the world’s most convenient and available Water Safety Instructor certification courses. They have comprehensive, online preparatory Home-Study Course lets you begin your Water Safety Instructor course at any time; from anywhere you have internet connectivity.