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Tag Industrial offer specialized investment opportunities to private savers, who historically have not had material access or exposure to the real estate sector. We will operate under a progressive and investor-friendly organizational concept that includes significant investor board representation. We feel the blending of our expertise provides a unique dynamic critical in the successful execution of our investment programs and service engagements.
We strongly believe that income-oriented, real estate investment will generate superior risk-adjusted revenues amidst an increasingly undefined marketplace. Our income has been designed to fill a glaring need and void in the commercial property wealth market. We emphasize the identification, communication, and management of risk, start with the preservation of investor capital.
We are a Commercial real estate investment services provider established to sponsor and manage private investment funds and to provide brokerage, advisory and property services to its sponsored funds and third-parties. We also handle office leasing and property management on behalf of the joint venture.
We also perform all of their underwriting in-house which allows them to offer fast backing for real estate investment projects. Offering outstanding customer service and competitive rates, their loan process are simple and designed for fast turnaround. With many years of experience in real estate, construction and development and financing all the real estate investment opportunities are carefully evaluated and deemed sound investments. Their goal is to build long-term relationships with investors that deliver a return on your investment.
We are a real estate investment and property development company with a unique ability to identify and capitalize on opportunity – the opportunity to create value through development, financing, leasing, property and asset management. Our specialty in the commercial real estate industry assists the people do right investment and help to buy the best property options. We are a privately held real estate investment firm engaged in the acquisition and active management of commercial real estate.
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