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Hideaways are a cost-efficient replacement for bulky and expensive floodlights, as they provide the same amount of brightness while occupying less space. LED Equipped has a wide selection of LED hideaways.

[MINEOLA, 4/13/2018] – To help industrial workers maintain a safer working environment, LED Equipped provides them with high-powered, high-lumen LED hideaways.

LED Equipped has a wide inventory of high-lumen LED products including hideaways, light bars, and other emergency lighting devices. These devices help industrial workers, law enforcement, and emergency services personnel to in work safely, efficiently, and effectively in the dark.

LED Hideaways

Hideaways are small strobe-light type of LED product that emits high-powered light from a small and compact device. Hideaways are ideal for industrial work, as they take up less space while giving out the same amount of light as any other high-powered spotlight. Hideaways are also cheaper and more mobile than floodlights, making them more cost-efficient for construction projects.

LED hideaways are also perfect for law enforcement officers who are undercover, as these lights can remain hidden on a vehicle when turned off and can shine daylight-bright light once turned on.

LED Equipped’s Inventory

To provide clients with a variety of options, LED Equipped has different types of devices available to people looking to purchase hideaway devices, from the Predator LED hideaway strobe light with 6 1-watt lights that can be synchronized with up to 8 light-heads, to a 12 3-watt LED light bundle with an inline flasher capable of lighting up in 21 different patterns.

Each LED hideaway is weather and shock resistant, and is covered by a 3-year manufacturers defect warranty.

About LED Equipped

LED Equipped is one of the leading suppliers of high-powered LED lights that are perfect for emergency services, law enforcement, off-roaders, and industrial workers. They are supplied by some of the top LED light manufacturers from around the country. They also provide sirens, control boxes, and other accessories for emergency vehicles, 4×4 trucks, and heavy equipment.

To view a list of their products, and to learn more about their ordering process, discounts, or special promos, visit their website at