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Marilyn Monroe Spas offers spa and salon services in multiple locations across the United States. At all locations, they create a glamorous and relaxing atmosphere that is reminiscent of their namesake.

[Orlando, 4/13/2018] — Marilyn Monroe is famous for her approachable beauty and the glamour she portrays in photos and movies. As such, her legend lives on and she is still widely considered one of the most beautiful women in history.

Marilyn Monroe Spas understands the secret to its namesake’s fame: she gives off a sociable and playful vibe that people find simply irresistible. The salon and spa services provider aims to give off that same vibe at all its locations across the United States.

Wonderful Spa and Salon Services across the United States

Marilyn Monroe Spas is on a mission to provide glamorous and relaxing spa and salon services that make people feel wonderful. It has been successful with this mission so far, becoming a renowned company for resort spas in the following places:

– Monterey, CA
– San Diego, CA
– Orlando, FL
– Maui, HI
– Times Square, NY

Furthermore, the company has full-service spas in various locations across Florida including Orlando, Oviedo, Windermere, and St. Petersburg. Further growth for the company is on the horizon, with new locations opening soon.

A Vibrant Atmosphere that Keeps Patrons Coming Back

Marilyn Monroe Spas works hard to foster a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere in all its branches, across all locations. The staff does its best to provide a glamorous experience regardless of which spa or salon services patrons choose — from massage therapy to nail services to haircuts, clients can expect nothing but fine pampering and quality service.

In addition, patrons feel at ease because the spa and salon services provider takes an unprecedented approach to cleanliness and hygiene.

About Marilyn Monroe Spas

Marilyn Monroe Spas is a salon and spa services provider with locations across the United States. It offers hotel and resort spa services and full-service community salon services in various states. It also plans to expand in India.

The company offers a variety of services, from skin care to hair cutting and coloring, in a vibrant and playful environment. For this reason, patrons keep coming back for services and an atmosphere that makes them feel wonderful.

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