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Ackworth House uses functional and stunning structures and materials for its commercial stair range. An interplay of structures can be made with wood, metal, balustrades and handrails.

[Aukland, 13/4/2018] Ackworth House, a family owned business in New Zealand, provides well-designed stairs for commercial projects. The range of designs presents an interplay of structural materials that can be used in both industrial and minimalist styles.

The Industrial and Minimalist Charm Ackworth House’s Stairs

Ackworth House uses timber, steel and glass in constructing commercial stairs. Of the three, the combination of timber and steel creates a refined edge that is apparent in industrial design. For example, strong black stairs paired with metal handrails create a rustic, utilitarian grit that some commercial clients prefer.

Businesses that opt for minimalist designs can turn to Ackworth House’s light-coloured timber commercial stairs. When placed near a source of natural light, the area underneath the stairs creates shadows and an illusion of a wider space.

Ackworth House uses functional and clever design to create stairs that serve as an architectural focal point to a commercial space. Clients can request for customised staircase designs and work with the company’s team of experts.

Adding More Structure to Stairs with Handrails and Balustrades

According to Ackworth House, handrails and balustrades are major elements in staircase design. Both elements offer a clean, contemporary look that contributes to the visual dynamics in commercial spaces.

Ackworth House offers glass, steel and timber balustrades and handrails that not only add aesthetic value to a commercial establishment but also enhances the safety of the stairs. The company also provides stainless steel strips that serve as a non-slip nosing to reduce the risk of accidents.

About Ackworth House

With over 40 years in the business, Ackworth House demonstrates excellent workmanship with every project it undertakes. The company has built a reputation as a trusted staircase manufacturer for homes and businesses in New Zealand. All their products are designed to meet stringent safety standards and building regulations.

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