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Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab fabricates quality space maintainers that for pediatric dental practices. This appliance is essential in making sure the patient’s permanent teeth grow out correctly despite the early loss of milk teeth.

[NORTH LAUDERDALE, 4/12/2018]—Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab, a Florida-based orthodontic laboratory, fabricates quality space maintainers for pediatric dentists to help them care for their young patients. Not all orthodontic appliances are for treatment; some are for preventing future problems, especially for children.

Premature Tooth Loss Prevalent in Children

Many children suffer from congenital or premature loss of their milk teeth. Some of the reasons behind premature tooth loss are poor dental or eating habits as well as thumb, lip, and tongue sucking.

While some pediatric dentists provide services that rehabilitate the child’s teeth, the most viable option in many cases is an extraction. By extracting the damaged tooth or teeth, pediatric dentists prevent potentially harmful bacteria from spreading in the body.

While extraction solves the problem of damaged teeth, however, it can potentially create a second problem – gaps between teeth. When a dentist extracts the milk teeth or the child experiences premature tooth loss, the remaining teeth may move and create temporary gaps. This will be a problem if the permanent teeth do not grow properly, squeezing themselves into those gaps and resulting in teeth crowding.

Space maintainers are an essential tool for maintaining spaces following extraction and preventing gaps. By maintaining normal spacing, space maintainers help the child’s permanent tooth erupt properly as the child grows.

Creating Quality Custom Space Maintainers

Orthodenco has the experience, expertise, and essential tools to create quality custom space maintainers. The orthodontic lab has a systematic process that prevents delays and setbacks. Its technicians have ample knowledge of children’s permanent and deciduous teeth, enabling them to prepare the cast and band size fit for children. The lab keeps up to 1,500 bands per day to make sure each patient receives the right band size. Dentists may also ask the laboratory to fabricate custom space maintainers that are more appealing to wear for young patients, such as those with cartoon character designs.

About Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab

Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab is the trusted partner of dentists all over the state. It creates space maintainers, mouth guards, invisible retainers, and other dental appliances for both children and adults. It allows partner dentists to monitor the quality of the appliances during production and still deliver orders on time. Its team of technicians caters to unique requirements, as well.

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