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MS Webb & Co., a well-established bailiff and security consultancy company, offers a comprehensive asset tracing service tailored to the client’s individual requirements.

[Croydon, 12/4/2018] – MS Webb & Co. helps protect business’ financial interests with asset tracing and recovery services. With years of experience under its belt, the company delivers a tailored, round-the-clock service to assist clients and run investigations on their behalf.

Efficient and Personalised Service

MS Webb & Co. is committed to providing prompt and efficient asset recovery. The company employs a tailored approach to each case to fully cover client needs. Its approach utilises a comprehensive set of resources, an extensive intelligence network and the latest recovery methods to meet client expectations.

MS Webb & Co. acknowledges that time is a valuable commodity in asset tracing. Its representatives are available 24 hours a day and respond rapidly to any enquiry.

Traceable Assets

For business owners who are owed money and cannot obtain that money for whatever reason, asset tracing is the most effective means of recovery. Traceability covers a broad range of items, including real estate, personal belongings and company assets, among other things.

Other categories covered by asset tracing include:
● Stocks
● Shares
● Bank accounts
● Intellectual property rights
● Equipment
● Livestock
● Vehicles

Reasonable Pricing

MS Webb & Co charges by the hour, and the rates are based on the risk level and the experience of the assigned enforcement agent.

Fees are also negotiable depending on the client’s needs and can operate on either a fixed or continuing basis depending on the situation. In instances of commercial rent collection, fees are charged directly to the tenant in order to spare the landlord any additional costs.

About MS Webb & Co.

M S Webb & Co. has operated for over 25 years. With a wide range of resources, a comprehensive intelligence network and a tailored approach to meeting client needs, the company offers top-notch legal enforcement across a wide variety of fields, delivered efficiently and professionally.

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