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The pest control company in Palm Beach County customizes treatments and focuses on a pest-free exterior to maintain interior treatments.

[DELRAY BEACH, 04/12/2018] – IPM Pest Control knows that any pest could invade homes in Delray Beach and Boca Raton. As such, the full-service pest control company designs its general household pest control service to meet the client’s unique requirements. With general household services, residents can eliminate and prevent the future invasion of ants, roaches, spiders, and other insect pests.

The Process

For the health and safety of its clients, IPM Pest Control uses chemicals only when and where necessary. The company does not use spray boards either. Prior to the treatment, IPM inspects the client’s home to determine the pest causing the problem, the degree of the infestation, and the reason for the problem.

The company uses several strategies like sanitation, mechanical control, and exclusion. In cases when IPM has to use pesticides, trained technicians will use these as wall void injections, perimeter treatments, and crack and crevice applications or baits.

IPM aims to maintain a pest-free environment on the exterior of a client’s home to avoid extra treatments for the interior. Typically, a home requires only one treatment.

Since there are different pests (e.g., fleas, ticks, or bedbugs) invading homes, IPM tailors a program depending on the need of the client. For about two treatments per year, these pests will be under control.

The Most Troublesome to Control

Apart from the pests, homes can also encounter different colonies of ants. According to IPM Pest Control, some of the most commonly encountered ants in the area are Big Headed and Tawny Crazy ants, which are also known as “super-colony” ants. These types of ants are difficult to control.

Big Headed Ants tend to have multiple nests with up to a million ants, making it difficult to control. Since they multiply rapidly and have nests in many locations, pesticides are short lived. Ants reinvade a property after four to six weeks, IPM shares.

Tawny Crazy Ants, meanwhile, have quick, erratic movements when disturbed. Their nests are visible in various places outside. Complete eradication of these ants is almost impossible because these ants forage in dense traits up to eight inches wide.

Whether the pest infestation is a colony of ants or insects, the full-service company can customize treatments, allowing clients’ homes to stay pest-free.

About IPM Pest Control

Founded in 1993, Integrated Plant Management, Inc. (IPM) is a full-service pest control offering termite control, rodent control, lawn and ornamental, bed bugs treatment, and more. The company’s economical pest control programs have minimal effect on people and the environment.

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