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Colorado Home Realty’s innovative approach to real estate gives its clients world-class quality and agents committed to finding the best homes in Colorado.

[LITTLETON, 04/12/2018] –– Unlike most real estate agents, Colorado Home Realty’s real estate agents have the passion for finding the right home for their clients and take on the real estate industry in a new, innovative way.

Passion for Real Estate

The Colorado Home Realty team describe themselves as “geniuses in cowboy boots” who help their agents create a community within their sphere and clients. With a goal of changing the way the world views real estate, the company delivers innovative approaches that allow agents to buy wisely and sell profitably.

It promises uncompromising coaching and training and wants nothing but the best agents and contractors who are continuously growing and improving themselves.

Working with Equally Passionate Brokers and Agents

Colorado Home Realty hand-selects its agents only through referral. Its agents must have at least two years of experience in the greater Denver market. It takes on Title People, mortgage professionals, inspectors, and appraisers, and educates them on a new way of seeing real estate.

Colorado Home Realty wants to help its brokers and agents reach their full potential and become successful through education, partnerships, and other means. It claims to have an amazing culture within the organization which provides the best support system and collaboration in the industry.

The company’s upcoming event, “Market Intelligence,” for example, is a free seminar organized to train real estate agents on the following topics:

● Understand the Market Around Your Next Listing or Buyer Contract
● The Analytics of Picking an Area to Farm
● Specific Case Studies on Market Insight
● Producing Stats is Easy, It’s the Interpretation that Makes You the Expert
● Excel Not Needed – We Do the Work for You and Provide the FREE Software

Apart from teaching real estate brokers, the company provides an “easy button” for marketing, customer relationship management, websites, and other aspects necessary to help its agents succeed.

About Colorado Home Realty

Colorado Home Realty provides real estate brokers with an environment where they can thrive personally and professionally. It offers the highest levels of support, education, tools, personal development, and collaboration in the industry. Its pool of agents consists of seasoned real estate professionals who are all passionate about the industry, and each has the track record to prove it.

Interested? Visit today, or learn about its Market Intelligence event.