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W. I. Freight has now passed the fifty year mark with its’ experience of shipping to the Caribbean. The company’s long time familiarity with Caribbean shipping services makes it the natural choice for companies who need to ship commercial freight – whether this is a one-off shipment or a regular requirement.

However, the company also has long experience of handling all the complex processes for people who are moving to the Caribbean on a permanent basis. Many Britons seek warmer climes when they retire, but there are many younger people who wish to escape the hectic pace of life in the UK and settle in the Caribbean as well. There are plenty of jobs available for people with management experience in hotels and catering, finance, and retail. Some people, of course, are transferred their by their employers.

When moving to the Caribbean, families have to make a lot of choices. Do they take everything that they own with them, or do they leave some things behind? Should they take their car, or sell it and buy new when they arrive? If they do take their car, what is the availability of parts and servicing for it? Are there items that they are not allowed to take with them? W. I. Freight has the answers to all these questions and more, having moved more than 300 families to the Caribbean over the years.

As you would expect, the paperwork is complicated and must conform to the exact customs requirements of the island to which the customer is moving, but the staff at W. I. Freight are fully conversant with the different rules and regulations. Their aim is to make shipping to the Caribbean a stress-free experience for each customer.