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Dublin, Ireland. Target Integration announces their new strategic partnership with Sundown AI, an independent Artificial Intelligence application builder who boasts about their sensational AI, Chloe which is powered by human curation and complement existing Business Suites to enhance communications.

This recent partnership will help to expand Chloe, it’s AI automation layer to create new business opportunities across Target Integration’s wide client base within the United Kingdom, Ireland and Indian market. Target Integration will now include Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning solutions which can be leveraged to create a digital interface that will essentially deal directly with users, addressing and resolving customer service issues.

Chloe is an AI layer that provides several AI solutions including customer self-service, analytics, work assignment and real-time speech. Chloe is built on machine learning, NLP, and graph algorithms to implicitly learn rules and states from unstructured historical data. Over time, Chloe’s self-learning capability allows her to reorganize and reannotate datasets to learn and evolve. Chloe now is able to understand 10 languages and is available in over 20 countries.

About Target Integration: Target Integration is the leading Business Process Consultancy. This 9 years old organisation now has three development centres (Ireland, Greece and India) and sales offices in three countries as well (the UK, Ireland and India). CRM & ERP Systems have been a core of the business since its inception. They deliver the best advice based on the requirements of the customer. They are independent in their recommendation of a software to their customers. Learn more at

“Target Integration focuses on providing a high quality of products and services to our clients. Artificial Intelligence has the capability to disrupt the CRM/ERP marketing and our partnership with Sundown AI will allow us to provide this ahead of the curve technology and product to our CRM customers.”
said Rohit Thakral, CEO, Target Integration.

About builds Artificial Intelligence applications that are powered by NLP, graph algorithms, and machine learning. They automate human repetitive tasks via existing business suites to help companies grow. Chloe, a self-learning AI system provides companies with business solutions to reduce costs, boost productivity and increase customer satisfaction. Custom integrations are available via an API. Learn more at

“We are honoured with this opportunity to expand’s Artificial Intelligence solutions through Target Integration’s network and partners. This collaboration will allow us to provide companies in the UK, Ireland and India with the solutions they need to provide the best customer service.” said Fabio Cardenas, President, Sundown AI.

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