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Markham Dental Smiles offers emergency dental services in cases where time is of the essence to help its clients who are experiencing dental problems that require immediate attention.

[4/11/2018, Markham] – Markham Dental Smiles, a dentistry practice in Markham, offers emergency dental services for cases which require immediate attention. From the time the accident occurs to receiving treatment in the clinic, Markham Dental Smiles’ clients only need to call the dentistry practice, who will then guide them every step of the way.

Emergency Dental Services

In case of dental problems stemming from accidents, patients will require immediate attention. Most practices need an appointment before seeing a patient. However, Markham Dental Smiles recognizes the need for emergency dental services in certain situations. It gives the following cases immediate attention and care:

• Dental trauma from a traffic collision, fall, contact sports, etc. which result in:
o Broken or avulsed (knocked-out) tooth
o Bruises and lacerations
o Fracture of the jaw or other facial bones
o Mouth swelling or difficulty in opening one’s mouth
o Severe dental pain
• Lost dental crown
• Broken braces and loose orthodontic wires
• Dental swelling
• Toothache
• Oral bleeding
• Fractured or dislodged dental restoration

Personable & Communicative Service

Apart from Markham Dental Smiles’ services in its clinic, it assists patients on the way via phone. When a patient experiences one of the listed dental problems, he or she only needs to call the dental office and the staff on the phone will assist him/her immediately. The staff will guide the patient on the necessary steps to take to avoid infection or prevent the issue from worsening while the patient is traveling to the clinic.

This is an important service, especially for cases such as a knocked-out or avulsed tooth. Dentists may be able to re-insert the tooth back. However, the tooth must never be touched on the root and must be submerged in milk, coconut water, or the patient’s saliva until he or she reaches the clinic.

This is part of Markham Dental Smiles’ way of becoming more personable and communicative with its patients. Apart from guiding its patients on their way to the dental office, the staff sends text messages for urgent questions outside of their emergency services.

About Markham Dental Smiles

Markham Dental Smiles is a dental practice in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Operating since 1999 under Dr. Patsy Kwok, Markham Dental Smiles provides general dentistry services such as implants, teeth cleaning, fillings, whitening, and more. It has a multilingual and personable staff, and provides emergency and text services.

Visit Markham Dental Smiles’ website to book a consultation or call the dental practice for emergency services.