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Keene Village Plastics offers multiple products and services needed for 3D Printing. It also offers partnerships with businesses looking for custom filaments and private labels.

[BARBERTON, 04/1/2018] – Following Keene Family of Companies’ purchase of Village Plastics in 2017, Keene Village Plastics is re-establishing itself as a leader in 3D printing by providing all the 3D printing products and services in its business.

3D Printing Products

Keene Village Plastics’ featured products are its high-quality filament, which is the material a 3D printer uses to form the 3D object. The company offers filament in many types of material, which include:

• 3D-Solve
• Nylon
• Polycarbonate
• Performance PLA
• Tru Bronze
• Tru Copper
• Tru Wood

Each type comes in different spool sizes, diameters, colors, effects, and has its own advantages. The type buyers should get depends on these factors and what is appropriate for the model they are printing. Keene Village Plastics’ staff members are experienced in 3D Printing and can assist buyers in purchasing the right type.

Keene Village Plastics also provides thermoplastic welding rods in different shapes, materials, and sizes, allowing its clients to print with metal. It also provides other custom materials upon request.

Manufacturing Services

With over 14 years of experience under its belt, Keene Village Plastics has one of the most highly experienced staff in 3D printing manufacturing and provide products capable of producing its clients’ most precise specifications.

Keene Village Plastics is a source for private label filament for resellers and stores with their own brands. It continues to partner with companies looking for high-quality filament to re-sell.

For clients with specific needs, Keene Village Plastics also provides contract manufacturing, product development, and custom colors and color matching to meet these needs.

About Keene Village Plastics

Keene Village Plastics offers 3D printing materials and printing services. Originally established as Village Plastics in 2004, it was the private label filament supplier of other 3D printer companies. It was acquired by Keene Building Products in 2017 and was re-established as a leader in 3D printing filaments and welding rod markets.

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