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Atlanta, Georgia (webnewswire) April 11, 2018 – KPPB Law has just released a blog on the current state of construction law in 2018. It details construction law from prior years and provides information about some new laws and changes that will occur this year. It primarily highlights the ABA Forum for Construction Law 2018 Midwinter Meeting, noting the various events that took place and the many topics concerning construction law that were addressed. The KPPB Atlanta construction law firm is promoting this blog to further educate construction companies on how the new 2018 laws play a critical role in their daily operations and legal protections.They also hope that the blog positively affects other construction lawyers by guiding them through the major changes in construction law so that they are more well-informed and prepared to help their clients.

Considerable reforms have been made to previous construction law with the onset of new laws in 2018. Recently implemented construction laws require contractors to adhere to tougher policies and the consequences of committing crimes and fraudulent business practices. The states primarily affected are: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Montana, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, and Vermont. These states’ implementation of the 2018 construction law reforms will eventually be enacted in other states over time, such as Georgia and Virginia.

The ABA Forum for Construction Law 2018 Midwinter Meeting addressed these changes from January 17th through 19th. The meeting included contractors, consultants, and suppliers who are now affected by the various changes in construction law. Several panels discussed contractor liabilities, non-performance management, pass-through claims, contract languages, and other aspects of construction management and operations that the new construction laws would affect with new enforcement. The primary goal of the midwinter meeting was to educate contractors on 2018 construction law reforms to the best of the hosts abilities. The meeting provided valuable information on new policies for construction contractors to follow so that they remain in complete adherence to the new legislation moving forward.

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