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Chennai, April 10, 2018: Travel XS, South India’s leading Destination Management Company, today announced the launch of its holiday package “Visit Europe”. This one-of-a-kind holiday package aims to provide never-before service to our customers and explore the mystic beauty of Europe at a reasonable price. With this launch, Travel XS has become India’s first destination management company to offer a consolidated package with numerous travel benefits to the holiday makers. Also, it allows the customer to pick and choose four destinations in five different itinerary.

The company has carved around three decade’s road map in providing quality services resulting in customer satisfaction. This unique holiday package has a limited number of seats, therefore, please rush to book your seats to have a pleasant journey and avoid disappointments, group bookings of 10 or more can pick their own date to travel. The prime services of the holiday package include:
 Flexible tour options 1-35 days with 5 lines (each line 7 days)
 Tours can be combined or partly joined
 Fixed day price €78*** per day per person
 Over 28 pick-up points, free to join and leave

This unique concept provides a vast network of circular coach routes with several joining points and interchanges all across Europe. Therefore, passengers have the flexibility to customize and plan their tour as per their preferred dates and destinations.

Red line (10 cities in five countries) travels from Amsterdam (The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium & Luxemburg) all the way to Paris across Luxemburg to join up with the Green line (11 cities in five countries – Switzerland, Italy & France) where it explores the Alps and fashion capital Milan before traveling further down to ancient Rome, Italy.

Both Green and Red line connects with Blue Line (10 cities in six countries – Czech, Hungary, Austria & Switzerland) which provide passengers with an eye-opening introduction to Eastern Europe with its old European grandiose cities such as Prague and Budapest. From Paris, the Red line links up with the Purple line (London, Edinburgh, Cambridge and more…) going via the North Sea channel crossing all the way up to the Scottish highlands and returning via the shopaholic heaven of Bicester Village Outlet.

During summer season, Travel XS also run a Yellow line (Spain and Portugal) touring across Mediterranean Europe with its breath-taking Barcelona art and architecture, hustle and bustle of Zaragosa to the relaxing sandy beaches of the Costa del Sol and green oasis that is Lisbon Portugal.

Commenting on the unique package, Mr. Jawahar, Amizdhan, General Manager, Travel XS said, “We are confident this initiative would be a milestone achievement for us, our constant innovations and matchless customer benefit schemes are the key success factors. This would further strengthen our customer base across India and make their trip will be more memorable and mind-blowing one”.

He added, “At Travel XS, we strongly believe that every single destination will have many untapped location and it takes a disruptive approach to unleash it. Keeping that in mind, we have been constantly working towards identifying the best places in the world which bring a whole new way of travelling, discovering an entire continent by experiencing the rich diversity of all its member countries”.

In this fast paced world, none of us spend time with our loved ones. At Travel XS, we aims to provide hassle-free experience including the airfare, accommodation and additional services like airport transfers etc. Being a leading player in the travel space, we are totally aware of the kind of arrangements to be made during travel, keeping those aspects in mind, Travel XS will be continuously working towards bringing what’s new, what’s exciting, what’s next to see which place would be feasible for our clients to celebrate the auspicious occasions like Deepavali, Pongal, Onam, Ramadan, Eid, Christmas, New Year and many more…. We should understand the principles and concept of all these wonderful days and respect them.

*** For further queries, please feel free to visit or connect with us @ +91 9940166563 or 044 42148011.