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Veterinary practices lose revenue when clients miss their appointment. They can stop letting their clients forget their vet checkups by sending them veterinary postcards made by Positive Impressions, LLC.

[Black River Falls, 4/10/2018] — Appointment no-shows are one of the problems faced by veterinary practices. Apart from the obvious drawback of losing revenue, missed appointments waste the time of the vet staff. Given the consequences of no-shows, it is vital for veterinary practices to make sure that clients stick to their appointment as much as possible to minimize business disruption and loss.

Helping Clients Adhere to Their Appointment

According to Dr. Vande Linde, a veterinary practice management consultant, a no-show often begins long before the appointment schedule. Thus, it is possible for vet practices to improve the odds of seeing clients keep their appointment by utilizing reminder strategies.

An article by DVM360 Magazine suggested mailing a reminder postcard at the end of an appointment. Dr. Jeff Rothstein, an editorial advisory board member of Veterinary Economics, remarked that postcards provide confirmation to the vet practice. With mailed postcards, a veterinary practice will know if the postcard does not get to the client, as undelivered postcards go back to the sender.

Veterinary Postcards from Positive Impressions, LLC

Veterinary practices looking for quality veterinary postcards can turn to Positive Impressions, LLC. According to the company, vet practices can use its postcards to remind clients of their scheduled appointment and make customers aware of a new promotion.

One advantage of the postcards from Positive Impressions, LLC is their small size. Vet practices can save on shipping costs when they mail out the small postcards to their clients. Apart from being small, the postcards are customizable. Veterinary practices have the option to insert their custom message on the postcard to suit the specific needs of their business.

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