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Not every immigrant or visitor can stay or work permanently in the US by obtaining just visas for their respective visas. They have to acquire a Green card or Permanent Residence status to stay or work in the US for indefinite years. A green card is nothing but providing immigrant a status to right to live and also right to work on any kind of Job in the United States. But obtaining Green Card in the US is a very tedious process as there are many kinds of process to go through before one become lawful residents. So if are you are planning to acquire a Green card or want to obtain a green card to your loved ones in Texas, hire a Professional Texas Green Card lawyer for some superior advice on the process.

Green Card Lawyer

A Green Card Lawyer or Immigration lawyer is one who is experienced in handling and resolving the related issues. Hiring a Local lawyer like Texas Green Card lawyer can be very useful as they know about that particular state immigration laws and the legislative process. Apart from it, they also have knowledge and skill set which is needed to provide the best case representation in your green card process.

Process for getting Green Card

Green Card can be acquired by the immigrants and refugees, but the process of acquiring a green card is far different. There are two ways by which a person can request a Green Card – one is by filing a petition with help of some lawful US resident family members or employer sponsorship and the second option is to apply for the green card by providing some criteria like a skillful worker, long-time resident in the US, etc. These factors can grant a person too because of a lawful Resident in the US for indefinite years and as long as they want. But, if the Green holder convicts in any crime or was away from the US for more than 180 days means they will be no longer called as a permanent resident.

Help of a Green Card Lawyer

Though you have sponsorship from a Family member or an employer for the Green card application in the US, it can be difficult to follow up the process for a person who doesn’t have any legal knowledge. So if you have an experienced lawyer like Texas Green Card Lawyer means you will get superior advice on each step in obtaining a green card in the US. And they will always strive to provide the most attentive, caring and efficient representation their client. For more information, visit