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Gio Dental at Station Landing, a Medford-based dental office, shares that the treatment not only eliminates acute pain but also prevents future problems.

[MEDFORD, 04/10/2018] – Gio Dental at Station Landing offers root canal to treat problems of the soft pulp tissue inside the tooth that causes intense pain. The dental office explains that the treatment is one effective way to relieve some kinds of tooth pain.

The pain may temporarily go away in time, but without treatment, the infection will remain. This infection can cause a dental swelling and may also contribute to systematic problems in other parts of the body.

Root Canal Therapy

Gio Dental at Station Landing states that a root canal process starts the same as a filling does, and with no greater discomfort. The dentist will perform certain procedures to remove the dead and dying pulp tissues.

After cleaning, disinfecting, and preparing, the chamber and empty canals will then receive a filling of inert, biocompatible material. The dentist will then use adhesive cement to seal the opening in the tooth to prevent infection in the future.

Patients may feel some sensitivity for a few days after a root canal treatment. There will be available over-the-counter pain relievers to ease discomfort, but dentists can also prescribe medications.

For additional protection and restoration of the tooth’s full function, it is important to place a crown or other orthodontic appliance.

Causes of Root Canal Problems

According to Gio Dental at Station Landing, the problems of root canal start from infection and inflammation of the tooth’s pulp tissue. Tooth decay is a potential cause of infection.

Bacteria will spread down to the center of the tooth and may infect the pulp tissue because of untreated dental cavities or via chipped or cracked teeth.

Trauma to the tooth due to an injury or an accident and extensive dental works may also cause pulp tissue damage. These situations require an immediate action to save the teeth from further harm.

When a person experiences sudden pain upon biting down on food or continuing pain after eating hot or cold food, it is time to visit a dentist to have an examination.

About Gio Dental at Station Landing

Gio Dental at Station Landing’s top priority is to provide patients with professional and comprehensive dental care in an office that makes them feel calm, comfortable, and confident. The dental office has professional, skilled, and compassionate industry professionals providing general and specialized dental services.

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