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A criminal case can bring stress to an individual such as affecting is job, career, relationship and more. When you look forward to hiring a lawyer, you should focus on certain things, such as their experience, attitude, knowledge in the laws, previously handled cases, success rate and finally fee structure.

Types of Crime
A crime can be said as the behavior which violates the law thus resulting in penalties. There are various categories and types of crime. For each type of crime, the penalties will vary. Getting help from a skilled lawyer will surely help to overcome the disadvantages in the process.

• Personal – Few examples of personal crime includes assault, battery, rape, homicide, kidnapping and more. When a person does harm to another person physically or mentally, it can be said as a personal crime.
• Property – Property crime does not involve affecting an individual instead it is a damage causing to a property without the knowledge of the owner. It includes robbery, theft, forgery, arson, burglary, embezzlement and receipt of stolen goods.
• Inchoate – Solicitation, conspiracy and attempt comes under inchoate. When a person has a thought to commit a crime but does not complete it, then it said as inchoate.
• Statutory – This includes personal or property offense such as alcohol-related offense.

Categories of Crime
The crime will be categorized based on its severity. Also, this depends on the state, federal and local laws.

• Infractions – Violating a city order, traffic violations come under this. This category of offense has fewer penalties compared to all other types of offense.
• Misdemeanors – This includes, simple assault, theft, prostitution, trespass, intoxication, reckless driving, cannabis possession and other crimes related to it. It is considered higher than infractions and may have a year of imprisonment.
• Felony – The serious crime is said to be a felony. This is the highest of all the crime. This includes arson, murder, rape, fraud, kidnapping, robbery. This may have more than one year of imprisonment and includes serious penalties.

Criminal Defense Lawyer
The criminal law is a complicated one and one who is expert in the field will only be able to succeed in the case. The foremost benefit of hiring a lawyer is you can keep yourself calm not bothering about the process of the case. They will thoroughly investigate the case and collect evidence which supports your case. They will focus on reducing your penalties and imprisonment. To know more, visit