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Funding capital bonds is a great investment for anyone who has a bit of money to play with but doesn’t want to take the full-on risk of stocks and shares.

[LONDON, 9/4/2018]—Capital bonds are a more stable and secure investment than stocks. The investor doesn’t own a part of the organisation, it is more like a loan that matures over a period of months and years. Some capital bonds can take 30 years to come to fruition, others a few weeks. It’s really important to be clear about the timescales on capital bonds, because once committed, it may not be possible to withdraw funds until the scheme matures.

As an introducer of investment opportunities, Amyma is well-placed to inform its clients about a range of capital bonds. Amyma does not itself offer financial advice. What Amyma does do is introduce its clients to potential investment opportunities and help them complete the necessary paperwork to buy capital bonds or other investment products. Amyma’s processes are governed by the Financial Services and Market Act 2000 and it employs ongoing legal counsel to make sure it complies with these regulations.

More About Capital Bonds

The main benefit of capital bonds is that, whatever happens with the stock market, the investment is protected. There are no losses in a downturn and when the market recovers, a profit is assured. Capital bonds are ideal for older people who can’t sustain a loss and are happy to make a long-term investment. The downside is that the investment capital on capital bonds isn’t eligible for interest.

More About Amyma

Amyma was founded in 2000 and despite travelling through stormy financial waters from 2008 onwards, it has thrived as an investments’ introducer.

One main reason for this is that Amyma adheres to a strict professional code of conduct and seeks to build long-term relationships with clients. The Amyma way is all about providing clear, transparent information for clients and investment providers and helping the investment process to go smoothly and with benefit to all parties. Amyma prides itself on the due diligence both its staff and organisations regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority go through on each of the Amyma introductions.

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