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Businesses without its own IT Department can still be assured of network efficiency and security by partnering with Justice IT Consulting

[BURLESON, 4/6/2018]—Justice IT Consulting offers IT services to businesses at only a fraction of the cost of acquiring an in-house IT department. The Burleson-based company, led by father-son duo Brooke and Austin Justice, has been providing efficient and reliable IT services for the last 14 years.

Innovative IT Solutions

Justice IT Consulting offers many IT services. Some of its most sought-out services include the following:

1. Help Desk and Outsourced IT Services – Protects its clients’ data, keeping staff productive, answering calls, and performing other necessary IT tasks to keep the company efficient.

2. Cybersecurity – By managing the network’s security, Justice IT Consulting protects businesses by blocking hacking attempts, viruses, and entire countries from entering those businesses’ network. It also filters websites and prevents employees from visiting unproductive or malicious websites.

3. Projects & Consulting – With its years of experience and expertise, Justice IT Consulting has the knowledge to create design solutions which fit its clients’ needs. This can range from simple networks to nationwide deployment.

According to co-owner Austin Justice, it is their company’s genuine passion to help make small to medium-sized businesses technologically competitive. It involves giving their clients quality IT support to assist in the businesses’ operations.

Remote and On-Site IT Department

Justice IT Consulting provides small to medium businesses with all the services expected from an IT department through a remote connection to the businesses’ networks. By hiring the company as an outsourced IT and cybersecurity department, businesses can save up to half the cost of buying the equipment necessary and hiring its own IT employees; instead, businesses only pay Justice IT Consulting a fixed monthly fee.

According to the company, 90% of support can be completed instantly and would only require a secure remote connection. However, if its clients need hands-on support, Justice IT Consulting can arrange for an on-site visit.

About Justice IT Consulting

Founded in 2003 by Brooke W. Justice, Justice IT Consulting offers all the IT services needed by small to midsize businesses with no in-house IT Department. These services include software, email, help desk support, cybersecurity, backup, and training.

Currently run by a father-son duo, Justice IT Consulting offers innovative solutions and uncompromised quality, integrity, honesty, and responsibility without the condescending geek-speak.

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