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It has been long said that Smoke Alarms are an essential piece of technology but now we are evolving in our thinking… Here in Australia, the Smoke Detection systems are changing the way they operate.
This new commonly used technology is called Photoelectric sensor type.
The new part is the wider availability common area alarming. In the past this type of alarm was only used in kitchens. but now widely used in hallways and bedrooms as well as the traditional close proximity to kitchen areas.
Leave the job of Smoke Alarms Testing, Repairs, Replacement and replacement to the professionals as it is not as simple as you may think. We see a lot of incorrectly installed units in our job. These incorrectly installed units may not be providing the right level of protection. For example alarms near ceiling fans and air conditioning vents may not detect smoke quickly enough in some circumstances.

If you’re looking for help in the Inner West of Sydney try contacting us for some help!

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