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Our newly launched online store,, has a selection of over 50 spudger repair tools and tool sets. The spudger tool is commonly used in cell phone and electronics repair and is great for prying, soldering and applications where sensitive components have to be removed from a device. The spudger is likely the most useful tool that you never knew existed!

The one-stop shop, features a user-friendly design that has all your spudger tool needs. Technicians and tech-hobbyist can now choose from an array of high-quality metal, plastic, nylon and wood spudgers. These assist in lifting, installing, opening, and prying into the guts of electronic devices properly and professionally. These products are a suggested necessity to any professional technician for repairing and building technical equipment. This is due to their size and the various materials they are made from. They were designed to simplify these processes without damaging devices. We now offer them in one location.’s election of tools come in multiple brands. These brands include 3M, Menda, Pengfa, and Youfu Tools.
The plastic spudger is a non-conductive and safe to use with sensitive circuit boards and logic boards. They can also be used to remove batteries, flex cables and small components.

The metal spudger is used for the opening and prying of electronics. These are usually used for opening heavily glued devices properly without damage. They vary in size from thin metal to heavier stainless steel.

The nylon spudger is used for devices that are sensitive to electrostatic shock and come in heavy duty and flexible with many varieties of dual head ends. These come in numerous sizes and shapes and are the most common type of spudger tool.

The wood spudger is commonly viewed as disposable and are inexpensive to replace. We offer these in bulk and they are commonly used to prevent denting and damaging bezels.

We also offer an array of pry picks that are affordable and come in different sizes and thicknesses. These are very similar to a guitar pick and can be found in many of our toolkits as well. The toolkits include tweezers, screwdrivers, suction cups and other items that one may need for work beyond what the spudger is used for.

Specialized spudger sets have just become recently available, these are aimed at those who would like to buy in bulk. Also, when buying in bulk, offers a wholesale discount.

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